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Satisfaction Guarantee

 All products are guaranteed to be ancient and authentic. An accurate description and the best images possible are used, but if an item you purchase here does not live up to your expectations then return it within 30 days of receiving it for any reason and a refund will be issued less any fees incurred to ship it to you or your costs to ship it back here.

In the artifact business there are many authenticators  from different regions as well as many different opinions given when it comes to different grades and conditions as well as types of artifacts.  Please keep this in mind. If at anytime after the 30 day approval period (give or take a couple days) this artifact is ever determined as a replica and not authentic buy one of the well recognized Authenticators of Northwest artifacts listed below:

  • Jim Bennett
  • Ben Stermer
  • Bill Jackson
  • Dwain Rogers
  • Alex Przygoda

I will be happy to credit you the total amount spent and any fees you have incurred towards a replacement item off the website.

I do not give cash refunds for any reason after 30day period has lapsed. so please if you have any issues with an item let me know ASAP.

*Please remember I Do Not guarantee artifact types, ages or grade evaluations and can only guarantee authenticity to the best of my knowledge to date. Returns are extremely rare. There have only been 2 since 2001.