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Artifacts Wanted!

We will Buy:

Here at BC Artifacts, Ethics are very important. I was always looking to acquire ancient legally obtained Fur trade items & Gold Rush artifacts from BC and California. We purchase single items or entire collections. We were also purchasing Pioneer and Early well documented Great Basin, Columbia River, California, Northwest Coast, Alaska, Rocky Mountain Artifact collections containing arrowheads, projectile points, darts, knives, ground stone, and literature and sometimes fine individual Artifact examples. I purchased these collections to use in our Mobile Museum Tours and in part to preserve and document them so they can be later published in a book that is made available for reference and given as a gift to the collector/finder and or seller. We are not buying collections just to make a dollar. These pioneer collections in my opinion are a non renewable resource that should be recorded. That being said, we do not want any collections or sell any collections that have been collected in or on provincial parks, state parks, federal parks or BLM lands. At this time I am no longer buying collections for resale.

I am NOT buying  any midwest or eastern relics, reproductions, fakes, exotics, pottery,’ceremonial’ objects, spurious material, human remains or items fashioned from thereof,  looted or  stolen objects. We have a zero tolerance attitude towards theft, fencing of stolen goods, looting, pot hunting. They give collecting and collectors a bad name.

What I pay for your Collections or Collectibles

We will pay approximately 25 cents on the dollar. For some select high quality items, I will pay up to 50 cents on the dollar. Based on the condition, quality, rarity, provenance and location where it was found. Values have decreased in recent years as the market fluctuates.

Where to Start?

The best place to start is to send me digital images of the Northwestern Collection via email. If we are interested and you agree to our terms and notarized documentation policy. We will then give you free estimate on the value, or what we are willing to offer for the collection provided you agree to give BC Artifacts Ltd first right of refusal when it comes time for you to sell it say a competitor or someone else offers you  a few dollars more than our appraisal.

  • Please provide details about your item(s)