Dec 09

Respect & Ethics

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For your information…

 At BC Artifacts Ltd., honesty, respect, ethics and culture and are very important. When purchasing any artifact collections in the past, I have only acquired ancient legally obtained artifacts and possessions from our Prehistory, the Fur Trade and also some Gold Rush items found in the Pacific Northwest. At one time I was also acquiring pioneer collected, well documented, Great Basin, Columbia River, California, Northwest Coast, Alaska, and Rocky Mountain Artifact collections. These contained arrowheads, projectile points, atlatl darts, knives, ground stone tools, and literature. I purchased these collections in good faith with notarized documentation stating where and when they were collected. This was in part to preserve and document this non-renewable resource before that information was lost. This was also completed so the information they provide could be published and made available for reference, before the collections were split-up and sold off at auction, Artifacts dealer websites, and antique stores.  

I now use some of these artifacts and other collectables in the Mobile Museum Tours.  These pioneer collections, in my opinion, were a non-renewable and educational resource that should be recorded and shared. At this time I am no longer buying collections for resale.

I have never purchased any spurious material, human remains or items fashioned from thereof, looted or stolen objects.  I have a zero tolerance attitude towards theft, fencing of stolen goods, looting, pot hunting. They give ethical collecting and collectors a bad name.



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