Jun 14

New Format and Listings coming to the BC ARTIFACTS WEBSITE

I hope you are keeping well and safe in these crazy Covid -19 times of 2020.

With the Mobile Museum presentations currently on hold due to the Pandemic, I have decided to start to sell my personal collection obtained over the last 45 years or so! This is a big decision that I have put much thought into. Ideally I am looking for good homes where the items will be appreciated by the next caretaker and in some cases where possible, go back to the areas where they would be most suitable for preservation. I am however, not closing the Mobile Museum or selling the displays and artifacts used at this time.

In order to facilitate these new listings, I have changed the Website format to accommodate and include many different collectable items from my many areas of interest over my lifetime.

Some of these will include:

Stamps, Coins and Tokens, World currency, Collectable and Sports Cards, Rocks, Fossils, Books, Bottles, Gold Rush Items, Fur Trade Artifacts, Asian Artifacts, First Nation Artifacts, Baskets, Jewellery and Carvings.

These are just some of the items that come to mind. There is much much more so stay tuned and check back often for the newest listings. Feel free to make an offer, Call for more info or just inquire about what you may be interested in.

Love to hear from you. Call or text 778-386-3110 or Email to Sales@bcartifacts.com


Stay Safe,

Tony Hardie Owner/Presenter BC Artifacts

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