WCT01 1965 Winston Churchill Coin


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WCT01 1965 Winston Churchill Coin made of copper-nickel.  Nice coin, mint condition in plastic coin sleeve.

The portrait of Churchill on this coin is one of the greatest ever done on a modern U.K. coin. When issued, it was wildly popular world wide and for good reason… if not for Churchill’s sheer resolve and diplomatic skills the U.K. would have fallen and a D-Day invasion in 1944 would never have happened.  The rather controversial portrait of Churchill was designed by Oscar Nemon, a favourite sculptor of Sir Winston’s, who was artist of some note. The final draft was considered by some to be rather a sombre portrait. However, if compared with contemporary there is no denying it is a very lifelike image, uncompromising in its portrayal of the elderly statesman. I hope I have managed essence in my photograph of the coin, not an easy task as it is not a very deeply struck coin. Lady Churchill started the minting of the first of the coins in September 1965 and such was the demand, it continued to be numbers until the following summer. The obverse portrays the familiar Mary Gillick image of the Queen with the usual inscription, and although there is no denomination marked anywhere on the coin, it was originally worth five shillings in the pre-decimal a face value of 25 pence and is still legal tender today.


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