THC_800 Cantrell & Cochrane Bottle


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THC_800 Cantrell & Cochrane Bottle

 9″ tall, green glass, Cantrell and Cochrane mineral water bottle. Thomas Joseph Cantrell (1827–1909) was born in Dublin in 1827. Once qualified as a medical practitioner, he became a principal assistant at Grattan & Co, a Belfast firm of chemists. Grattan & Co also manufactured soft drinks. Historians widely credit Dr. Cantrell as the first inventor of ‘ginger-ale’, proudly claiming the rights by embossing the slogan “The Original Makers of Ginger Ale” on its bottles.  Dr. Thomas Cantrell established a business selling soft drinks in Belfast, Ireland, in 1852. Alderman Henry Cochrane became a partner in 1868, when Cantrell & Cochrane was established. The company made mineral water and medicated aerated water. Mint bottle, displays very well!

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