FOS081302 Megalodon Fossil Shark Tooth


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FOS081302 This fine 3 1/4″ long half tooth example was found in Florida by Joe Toreno. The megalodon shark meaning “big tooth shark” was a giant shark  that lived in the late miocene/ pliocene era between 18 million to 3 million years ago and was the apex predator of its time. Megalodon became extinct in the Pliocene epoch about 3 million years ago. It is the largest carnivore fish/shark known to have existed . Scientist  believe Megalodon could grow to more than 60 feet long. Megalodon would feed on anything and every thing including Giant Squids and Whales with its deadly arsenal of 184 razor sharp  teeth . There have been teeth found that exceed 7″ long. The formula for figuring length of the shark is done by the primary tooth measurements . Standard Measurements are taken from the tip to the longest root side. For every eighth of an inch equals 1 foot in length. There fore a 7″ tooth would be 56′ long. The megalodon fed on whales squid, large fish and anything that moved. The power of its jaws was incredible. They could slash through vertebrae and rib bones with ease. They could even slice through their own teeth teeth such as this one exhibits!

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