As a high ROI Independent EOR Consultant / Senior Petroleum Engineer I have worked with thousands of mining and energy professionals during since 1997. I met Tony Hardie at BCIT in 1996, then later we collaborated in building educational websites focused in Native American, Gold Rush, and Western Fur Trade prehistory. Tony is an astute businessman whom has decades of management, strategic planning, marketing, and sales experience. Tony has deep First Nations ancestral roots in the Province of British Columbia. His Grandmother was a master weaver / basket maker whom has works curated in the University of British Columbia, Museum of Anthropology. Tony’s heritage includes a direct connection with a mountain called Hardie Hill located near Kamloops, BC. Tony has curated multiple legacy family collections and written multiple books that identify key items the collections, records provenance, and are profusely illustrated. He has excellent marketing and communication skills which support his career as an educator and public speaker. Tony works well with people, especially the children and young adults that he teaches at various schools and public institutions. He has a very reasonable, level headed person, whom respects clients and colleagues beliefs, customs, heritage, ethnicity, and points of view. Tony is someone whom follows through on his commitments, freely shares his knowledge, provides leadership and is good role model to youth. His BC Artifacts Mobile Museum provides a unique and invaluable service in educating K-12 students in Canada. I highly recommend hiring Tony Hardie as a Presenter, Educator, and Historian for schools, public institutions, and private events.